The French Ballet Terms and How to Pronounce Them?

I made a video about the French ballet terms used in my book Ballet for Everybody – the Basics of Ballet for Beginners of All Ages”. The illustrations in the video are from the book, but they are by no means meant as instructions – to learn ballet you have to have the book. Here […]

Ballet – Some of my Answers on Quora

What is the most difficult thing to do in ballet? For beginners, I think it is the basic posture. It takes some years of practise to achieve it. This means a good extention of the whole body as well as the legs, turnout from the hips, realaxed arms and shoulders etc. And to understand that […]

Ballet for Everybody


Ballet for Everybody Me performing ballet at the age of 58. PHOTO: Vesa Laine. The same book in Finnish: Balettia kaikille.   Heli Santavuori:   Ballet for Everybody– The Basics of Ballet for Beginners of All Ages   ISBN 9789515680440Paperback, 120 pages Find the book On Amazon on AdLibris (a web bookstore in Finland) Own work: […]