Human Path – Debating Encyclopedia

I am a member of the initiator’s group in this wonderful project.

The Debating Encyclopedia (DE) differs radically from all traditional encyclopedias so far – including Wikipedia. It enables productive exchange of opinions on controversial issues that raise strong passions.

The basic idea of the encyclopedia is simple:

There can be as many articles on the same subject/headword as there are different views. The writers are encouraged to express their views as distinctly and sharply as possible. Objectivity will be achieved by the possibility to evaluate opposite views side by side.

The users compile panels consisting of articles representing different, even opposing views and moderate debates based on them.
There are two main themes:

1. The history of humankind.
2. The history of the nation.

Each participant, opinion group or scientific school leads the discussion in its own way. The discussion takes place in special theme encyclopedias, personal debating encyclopedias, and on platforms.

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PHOTO: John Lennon memorial wall in Prague. PHOTO: Paul Bowman, Flickr

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